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Trust Operations Gazette – Index

(Published 1980 – 1994)


TitleAuthorIssue No.Year
Accumulation and Maintenance Trusts, Tax Advantages ofRalph Ray261991
Adoption, Some Aspects of(Unnamed)41981
Advancement, Practical Aspects of Trustees
Power of
Michael Sladen201986
Advancement, the Winch caseR T Bartlett271991
Appropriate by Executors and TrusteesMiles Shillingford251990
Authorised Unit Trust Schemes, Current Legal
Issues Facing Trustees of
Tim Herrington261991
Borrowing and Lending, Tax Implications(Unnamed)81982
Bringing Advances into AccountBringing Advances into Account61981
Capital Gains Tax – Retirement ReliefJohn Gorham201986
Capital Tax, Effects of Transfers between
T Harman and N
Corporate Trustee and Companies in DistressTony Houghton31981
Court Nodding at the Crystal Ball, Nestle caseMichael Sladen221989
Deeds of Variation and Financial PlanningMichael Hayes281992
Delegation of Powers by TrusteesP W J Duffield181985
Demergers and Enhanced Script DividendsMartyn Gowar321994
Developing the Law of Trusts for the 21st CenturyDavid Hayton301993
DomicileWilliam Lowe31981
Ex Gratia Payments (by Charities)D McEwan191985
External Evidence as an Aid to the Construction
of Wills
Michael Sladen191985
External Liabilities of a Group CompanyE J Josland21980
Family Provision – Recent LitigationMichael Sladen211987
Family Provision Litigation – A Post PostscriptMichael Sladen151984
Family Provision, Recent CasesMichael Sladen131983
Global CustodyR A Vesey261991
Goode Committee – Pension Law ReviewTACT Submission291993
Housing Act 1988John Gorham231989
Imperfect Gifts and Proprietary EstoppelD C Ruggins21980
Income Tax Liabilities of Resident TrusteesR T Bartlett111982
Inheritance Tax and the Future of TrustsS R M Wilson211987
Inheritance TrustsStephen Scholes191985
Investment Powers and Duties of TrusteesR T Bartlett271991
Likely Changes in the Trusteeship of Pension
J G Hayes151984
Making Wills and Applying for Probate, the Role
of Trust Corporations
W R Stewart-Smith271991
Mortgage Debenture Stocks and the Need for Floating ChargesN B Morley221989
Non-Resident TrustsR T Bartlett121983
Occupational Pension SchemesMargaret Grainger
Offshore Tax Planning Through Jersey Trusts and
their Underlying Companies
Ron Fallows241989
Pension Fund Trusteeship – Post MaxwellN Warren311993
Pensions, Regulation and Professionalism After MaxwellMartin Vile291993
Proprietary Estoppel Since Pascoe v TurnerD C Ruggins111982
Purchase of Land from TrusteesMichael Sladen231989
Recent Family Provision CasesMichael Sladen81982
Reservation of Title (Romalpa)LC HowesIan 11980
Resident LandlordsTony HolmesIan 21980
Resident LandlordsTony HolmesIan 181985
Resident Landlords – Further DevelopmentsTony HolmesIan 31981
Responsibilities of Trustees and Executors in LitigationW R Stewart-SmithIan 211987
Section 31 Trustee Act 1925 (Maintenance of Beneficiary)Michael SladenIan 181985
Self-Administered Pension FundsC F J WiggintonIan 61981
Succession and Trusts: The Calcutta Cup (English
and Scots Law)
John GorhamIan 161984
Succession and Trusts: The Calcutta Cup (English
and Scottish Probate)
John GorhamIan 171984
Succession, Notes on Differences between
English Law and Scots Law
W R FerrierIan 31981
Taurus [De-Materialised Stock Settlement
R A VeseyIan 281992
Tax Exempt British Government SecuritiesJack HobbsIan 11980
Tax Privileges of Owner Occupation(Unnamed)Ian 71982
The Future of UK Resident TrustsRalph RayIan 281992
The Way Ahead for Private Trust BusinessS R M WilsonIan 191985
Transfer of Assets Abroad, Income Tax
Michael WellsIan 101982
Trusts for the DisabledJohn GorhamIan 91982
Unit Trust TrusteeshipAlan ArthurIan 281992
Unquoted Shares, ValuationArthur ButtonIan 41981
Unquoted Shares, ValuationF A SherringIan 231989
Unquoted Shares, Valuation, Second ArticleArthur ButtonIan 51981
Variation and Disclaimer, Aspects of Deeds ofColin SodenIan 11980
Variation of TrustsMichael SladenIan 131983
Vestey v IRC and Leapfrog ProcedureRoland WilliamsIan 21980
Wills and Post Death PlanningRalph RayIan 251990
Wills and Succession – The Administration of
Justice Act 1982
A J FrancisIan 141983